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Our Republic birthday

Yesterday morning there was a big party at the school "Ettore Majorana" in Palese to celebrate the 70th birthday of our Republic. It was a project planned by the teachers of Law and Economy Delillo and Salatino and involving students and colleagues to understand the meaning of the word "Republic" and to make the students aware of the sacrifice of our fathers to build a democratic society.
Our catering sector prepared the rich and coloured banquet. Local authorities and parents were invited to the celebration.














Thanks to the projects announced by our Regione Puglia the students of the Majorana can make practical experience in different companies and farms linked to their courses of studying enhancing their professional competences through the “learning by doing” method.

The projects “ Interregional and Transnational Mobility L1” have involved all the courses of our school: Catering, Audiovisual Communication, Optical, Technical and Agroindustrial.

Our students are spending their training periods in facilities located in different areas of our country: Basilicata, Calabria, Toscana and Lazio and will receive a professional certification at the end.

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At the presence of our Minister of Education, Mrs Stefania Giannini, the I.I.S.S. Majorana officially opened the “School Breeding Ground” at Expo the 1st of May.

The Principal of the school Mrs. Paola Petruzzelli ,the teachers who planned and realised the project Mrs. Ezia Caputo, Mrs. Giovanna De Gennaro and Mrs. Elena Ladisa and the group of students involved in the activities opened the area reserved to Schools in the Stand Italia.

For the first time in the history of the Universal Expositions Schools will have a leading role in the development of projects linked to the main themes of EXPO, that is : FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE.

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The future " gourmets" of the High School "E. Majorana" overcome the Fiera del Levante.

The international showcase Fiera del Levante has just finished . An exciting experience which involved the students of the High School "E. Majorana", Hotel management and catering courses, that presented all the activities supported by the school : the cooking shows, the advertising of the organic beer with the Majorana brand and the launch of "La Dimora del Barone".

The results are very satisfying . In the stand n.9 hundreds of customers from all over the district tasted and bought the biological beer offered by the students , making a good publicity among visitors.

fiera del levante


The recording of the first episode of the TV show "Mangiacuoco" has begun.

The students of the Enogastronomy class IV A, Fabio Balice and Angela Sifanno, will be engaged in the first TV series, in 14 episodes, with 40 kids from 8 to 14 selected by the primary and secondary schools in Bari and surroundings.
The students of the Majorana High School will collaborate with the young chefs in the preparation of dishes and will be the protagonists of a cooking competition on TV.
Telebari and Teletrani will broadcast the episodes.
The final episode will be set at Showville in Bari.



"We need a good school ",said the Minister Stefania Giannini the 22nd of October in the auditorium of the High School E. Majorana; "a good education system is the only solution to the unemployment of our young generation, the only answer to the new request of competences expressed by the social and economic changes. To have a good school ,our Government thinks it is necessary to involve all the elements of the national school system; parents, students and teachers."
To start this useful dialogue between the Education Department and the basis the Minister has started a tour of the Italian schools to meet teachers and students and to listen to their requests and needs.
Our Principal Paola Petruzzelli briefly illustrated the most qualifying aspects of our institute: a deep attention towards the collaboration school – enterprise, a strong opening to the outside world, a model of school always in contact with the business world to enhance the chances to find a job for our students (as the Didactic Hotel, The cooperative Dimora del Barone and the production of the Biological beer can show).
The minister spoke also about the aims of the project " The Good School" which is considered as a new starting point for the country. The Government earmarked one billion Euro for the Education, Universities and Research Department because Education must be a strategic point of the training process in Italy.
The Minister expressed also a special appreciation to the students of our school for the welcome ceremony, to the boy who sang a rap song, to the students of the catering courses for the dishes prepared and to the photographic course for the photos taken.

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