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Say no to indifference: Estonian meeting, February 5-12, 2017

The new American president wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and Europe is swept by xenophobic winds. The school seems to be a little thing among the giants of geopolitics, but it can quietly and industriously fulfill its task tearing down the walls of intolerance and segregation, racism and discrimination. Nowadays education cannot be oblivious of the principle “Say no to indifference” and that is the name chosen for one of the Eramus+ projects involving our school together with six more European countries. The project is devoted to the absolutely current European issue of the refugees and immigrants. The last meeting of an ongoing path has taken place in Narva, Estonia, from February 5th to 12th (click here to watch the video). Our students Francesco Cantalice, Ilaria Capone, Giuseppe Capriati and Davide Manzari together with Mr Neve challenged the polar temperatures strong of the warmth of their energy and their ability to captivate other guys interest, for which the student Manzari was awarded as the “best friend” of the whole company. They worked shoulder to shoulder with the mates from Estonia, Finlan, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey.

Following an enjoyable welcoming party the students presented their “homework” such as the interviews to the immigrants living in their own hometowns and some works regarding leading figures from their countries having foreign origins. In the next days, after conceiving possible screenplay and voting for the best one,  the students contributed to the creation of a short film concerning the experience of a young migrant, showing from his initial difficulties to included in a new community to his final happy integration. Together with school tasks and the intense work for this goal, our students could socialize and have good times by visiting the Narva castle and the old city bastions. They also met the deputy mayor and visited a refuge shelter. Finally they enjoyed a party at school and went out with the hosting guys testing their English and getting acquainted with local customs and different lifestyles. At the end of the day they could find the warmth of a sincere welcome even at a temperature of 20° C below zero.   

Written by Mr Neve


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