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Finland, October 3rd-9th, 2016 - Finland, October 3rd-9th, 2016 ERASMUS PLUS KA2

Finland, October 3rd-9th, 2016

ERASMUS PLUS KA2 “Say No to Indifference” 4th mobility


In October there was the 4th mobility of our Erasmus + project in Finland; six days of exciting activities , where we have been accompanied by our Principal Mrs. Paola Petruzzelli and our English teacher Mrs Antonella Agrusti. (click here to watch the video of this amazing experience)

October 3rd, 2016. And then the long awaited day finally has come.The departure at the crack of dawn, a lot of anxiety and the longing for meeting “our old friends” (guys known during other phases of the project) and get acquainted with new ones.

Time never passed:12 endless hours of journey making the arrival a really thrilling goal. When we arrived at the station the hosting guys were looking forward to presenting themselves: maybe we were not the only ones waiting for this moment for so long! Their families welcomed us warmly offering our first Finnish supper.

The day after activities started at school.

We first attended screen presentations of the countries participating the project showing a usual school working day of each delegation.

Then we discussed how to welcome the immigrants from other countries and we exchanged our different points of view.

Soon after that we visited the town.

In the following days we had many activities such as sports games, talks about immigration, a visit to a refugee shelter, a canoe trip on Saimaa lake, a field trip to a near forest, a river cruise, an incredible sauna followed by a dive into an almost frozen lake and a dinner with all the guys participating the event.

It has been an unbelievable experience since we had the possibility to meet old friends and establish new relationships with people coming from many countries such as Finland, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Turkey and Slovakia allowing us to exchange ideas and improve our English.

By the way, we will keep with us forever the memory of each house having its own sauna and we will always remember the care and welcoming love that families dedicated to us.


Written by Scarleth Stefanizzi (IV A Opticians) and Alessio Bruzzese (V As)



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