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Our Institute is made up of three different schools IPSSAR ( Vocational School for Catering and Hotel Management Services), IPSIA ( Vocational School for Industry and Art and Craft Services)and The Technical School for Agroindustrial and It was born in 1996 and was named Ettore Majorana in honour of the great physician missed uncannily in 1938 during a crossing from Palermo to Naples on a ship. It is characterized by technical and scientific features as the world of work requires today.


The main courses are: Chemical and Biological, Electric and Electronic, Optical, Photographic, Audio – Visual , Catering, Hotel Management and Touristic.


The main building is located in Via Tramonte n.2 in S. Paolo borough and hosts the Principal’s office and the administrative offices, besides classrooms and facilities for the Catering, Optical and Touristic sectors.


There are other two buildings located in different parts of the city of Bari, that is in Japigia and Palese boroughs; the former is the seat of the Electric, Electronic and Audio-Visual courses; the latter is the seat of the Technical School and the Photographic and Chemical courses.


Since 1st of September 2014 a new building has been added in Casamassima, a little town near Bari, which hosts new courses of the Catering sector. 


Our school follows the National curricula for the learning of the key competences contained in the technical document published by the Department of Education, but is also experimenting new learning paths to prepare young people to the world of work.


Thanks to the efforts of teachers and principal and the collaboration of external experts, the school offers our students a wide range of job opportunities through training periods spent in the facilities run by the same school.


Last school year the students of the Hotel Management and Catering courses established a cooperative to be able to work, with a regular contract, after the diploma, organizing events, catering, ceremonies and wedding banquets. The idea came from a tutoring between teachers and students and from their experience about enterprise simulation and management of events for Public Institutions, private firms, associations and so on.


In fact the I.I.S.S. “ E. Majorana” runs “ La Dimora del Barone” a facility confiscated to the local criminality and given for the first time in Italy to a school for the management by the County Court in Bari; it is an example of how institutions can work in synergy and produce employment on the territory.


Another flagship of the school is “The Educational Hotel” set in Palese which is the first hotel in Italy managed by students; thanks to the hard work of the Principal Mrs. Paola Petruzzelli, our students can train and host the customers offering their services in the real world and not only in the school classrooms.


Since 2013, after a project on the preparation of a new beer, our students have been producing an organic beer with the brand Majorana which is sold on the shelves of the COOP supermarkets in Bari.


All the activities of our school aim at getting profit which is invested again in the education and training of our students; in addition, with the cooperative which manages La Dimora del Barone , we are able to employ our just graduated students.


Our school is also a member of A.E. H.T., the European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools.



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